Star Opinion: Trees are an emotive issue

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There isn’t an issue that gets the people of Sheffield worked up quite like trees.

Today a senior cabinet member for the council has revealed that 95 per cent of calls to the authority’s contact centre are about trees and their protection, or the problems they are causing.

It is a hugely emotive issue with trees causing problems for residents and motorists at one of the scale and at the other the concern for preservation of mature trees and the impact on the environment when they are felled.

Like many things there’s often no right or wrong answer to the variety of scenarios presented to the council.

One thing we can all agree on though is that Sheffield is rightfully proud of its reputation as a ‘green city’.

Part of the problem stems from little investment in the city’s tree stock over the last 30 years.

It has meant that there are now issues that should have been resolved decades ago.

Judging by correspondence we receive at The Star this is a subject very close to many people’s hearts.

We’d urge all those making the decisions to ensure consultations are thorough and that every effort is made to get to a satisfactory solution for all those concerned.