Star Opinion: Think before you park

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The simple task of parking a car can be the bane of people’s lives.

Whether it’s finding a space in a busy shopping centre, dropping the kids off at school, coughing up for a parking meter or reversing into a gap outside your house it is often more stressful than it should be.

But sometimes the humble act of parking can create more serious problems than briefly raising your blood pressure.

Today The Star highlights the case of residents’ in Hillsborough who are concerned there is an accident waiting to happen as motorists are parking dangerously on a junction.

They say motorists often park right up to the junction of Lennox Road and Middlewood Road, Hillsborough, making it impossible for drivers to see when pulling out onto the main road.

The council are looking into the matter and seeing whether existing traffic restrictions need to be enforced more strictly.

However, there’s a wider point that when parking a vehicle consideration should be taken into how it affects other road users and pedestrians.

Safety should be foremost in people’s minds but also a little bit of thought for others. It might not help your reverse parking skills but it will make you a nicer neighbour.