Star opinion: Support for the victims

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As the fallout from the child sexual exploitation scandal continues it is very easy to forget the victims.

It’s quite right that a lot of time, effort and money is being spent on finding out what went wrong and who was responsible.

Justice for the 1,400 is the campaign slogan of those fighting to bring the perpetrators of this horrific abuse to book.

Those victims are not just a number of course.

They are young women who now have need of support from a number of agencies as they struggle to lead normal lives.

These women are now being asked to tell their harrowing stories again to representatives of a police force and a local authority who did not believe them initially.

Their confidence and trust in the system that failed them has, understandably, been shattered.

It’s right that as huge sums of money are being spent on investigations and on putting Rotherham Council back on track, some should go towards funding proper preventative and support services for the victims.

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion’s idea for a specialist centre that will deal with victims now and help prevent a repeat of this scandal should be supported.