Star Opinion: Slow down, speed kills

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You would think that the death of a schoolgirl on a notorious stretch of a Sheffield road would stop people from speeding.

When 14-year-old Jasmyn Chan died in May the city was stunned but some drivers seem to have short memories.

In just nine spot-checks carried out since July, 471 drivers were clocked speeding on Normanton Hill, Intake.

The figures are quite astounding.

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South Yorkshire Safety Camera Partnership said there was an average of more than 24 offences an hour, and the highest recorded speed was 66mph – more than twice the 30mph limit – from a car overtaking at a pedestrian crossing.

That’s not just a couple of drivers momentarily not paying attention to their speedometer.

The figures suggest that general driving standards are appalling. Most people consider themselves good drivers and will think this doesn’t apply to them.

However, we all have a responsibility to ourselves and other road users when we get behind the wheel.

Speed limits can be frustrating but they are there for a reason.

Anyone not abiding by them is risking a fine and points at best but it could be much worse.

Slow down, please.