Star Opinion: Show the good Rotherham

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There’s a great opportunity this week for Rotherham to begin rebuilding its reputation.

But, more than that it is also a chance for the town to come together at its annual show in Clifton Park and put on a united front.

Tensions have been high in Rotherham since the publication of the Jay Report into Child Sex Exploitation in the town.

The council cabinet meeting earlier this week only scratched the surface of the anger that the vast majority of people are feeling. And until some action is taken and people in authority are held to account that sense of being let down and neglected won’t begin to be repaired.

However, as the show opens today it is important that a weekend which should be about having fun with friends and family doesn’t become a focus for the town’s problems.

Already there have been rumours of demonstrations at the show.

Rotherham District Scouts group have also withdrawn their services from the show out of worries over child safety.

Nothing can make people forget the horrors that have taken place in the town but the show should be a place where people can display the good in Rotherham and not drag its name further through the mud.