Star opinion: Praise for snow stars

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We believe we’re right to criticise when the city grinds to a halt due to predicted weather conditions so it is only fair we praise workers who kept Sheffield moving yesterday.

It is often easy to lay the blame at the council’s feet when things go wrong but what tends to happen is that all employees are tarred with the same brush.

So today we’d like to say well done to all the workers who were out gritting, ploughing, shovelling and sweeping the snow from our paths and roads.

Much of the preparation work had taken place on Tuesday evening with large parts of the city centre’s pavements gritted in preparation for the drop in temperatures.

Of course there are parts of the city that suffer more than others due to their geography but the common consensus was that main traffic routes were running freely and the bus, rail and tram services were performing well.

This may not be much comfort to people who were stuck at home because schools had closed or they weren’t able to get to work but we have to be realistic and say not every street can be 100 per cent clear.

Hopefully if more snow does arrive this winter the response will be the same as yesterday.