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Apparently, the UK’s economic recovery is going so well the EU wants us to hand over more cash.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, growing numbers of Sheffielders are going hungry.

This is 2014, but the gap between the haves and the have nots is becoming ever wider.

Tell people struggling to get by on our more disadvantaged estates that, actually, things are getting better and they will, quite, frankly, wonder what planet you are on.

Our front page story today lays bare what is the reality for too many people in our city; they literally cannot afford to eat.

Desperate people are being sent straight to the growing number of food banks that have sprung up by shocked debt workers.

Often they have as little as £20 at the end of the month after paying their basic bills.

Benefits’ claimants are struggling because of tougher rules, but we’re also talking about working people in minimum wage jobs – often juggling more than one – or with – the shame of recent years – the zero hours contract.

It’s all compounded by sky-high prices in supermarkets only too quick to rip us off.

Send the Brussels bureaucrats here for a life lesson.