Star opinion: New home and new art

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In every city there are areas that come out better in studies of ‘life quality’ so it is heartening to see parts of Sheffield could receive public funding to make them aesthetically more pleasant.

Up to £400,000 could be provided to create new public art around the city over the next 15 years.

Funding is being promised by developer Sheffield Housing Company as part of its intention to build 2,300 homes.

The developer has already promised £53,000 from its scheme to build 300 houses in Shirecliffe and Norfolk Park.

And Further money is due to be provided as part of efforts to construct 500 homes in the two areas, as well as Fir Vale, Manor and Parson Cross, later this year.

This is good news. It is also a credit to Sheffield that The Sunday Times has chosen Ecclesall as one of the best inner-city communities alongside the traditional city of York and Roundhay in Leeds.

The locations were selected for ‘combining the best of city life such as culture, great cafes, restaurants and shops, buzzing nightlife and entertainment, and access to good schools and transport.’

Every part of Sheffield needs to be given support to be the best it possibly can be.