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Actress and pop star Jennifer Lopez memorably once sang Love don’t cost a thing – except, it seems on Valentine’s Day.

Because, as we report today, there is a premium added to buying your loved ones a gift for February 14.

So what do we make of Valentine’s Day really?

Is it a chance for the romantic in us all to come out and show the world how much we care for the special person in our lives?

The price of love? Sheffield florists’ Valentine’s price hikes exposed

Is it just a massive con by the greetings card, chocolate and floral industries to make us part with a chunk of our hard-earned cash every February?

Or is it an old-school way of telling someone you love them with an ‘X’ rather than being brave enough to use your name?

In truth it is probably all of the above.

And while we can be curmudgeonly about it and complain about picking up a box of chocs and some flowers from the petrol station on the way home, we love it really.

There’s nothing better than being told that someone cares for you – even if it is through the medium of a card from the person you see every day of your life.

So, if you haven’t done it already, pop down to the shop and buy a gift to make someone’s day.

It is the thought that counts and it is better late than never!


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