Star Opinion: Is a rethink needed for how councils operate?

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Is it about time we altered our expectations of what services the council can provide us with?

Next week a public meeting will be held to discuss ways of making £61m of cuts to Sheffield Council’s budget in 2015.

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More job losses, to add to the 1,452 already gone, are likely.

It’s obviously not as simple as just keeping making savings on services.

Maybe, as chief executive John Mothersole intimates, the council needs to change how it operates.

Does central government need to reinvent how local authorities run?

Or should the people re-think their relationship with the public sector?

Clearly there are many things that a council must provide and manage for the good of the whole city.

Often the services are delivered incompetently and in a way that would make the private sector shudder with the inefficiency involved.

But is it the case that sometimes we’re too happy to blame the council for any failings within the city even if it falls outside their jurisdiction?

Everyone who pays their council tax is an adult so – with the latest round of cuts about to be made – now could be the perfect time to have a grown-up conversation about what we want from the council.