Star Opinion: Get tougher on drunks on the Green

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An area of the city centre which should be a relaxing space for people to enjoy is being turned into a street-drinkers den, say traders near Devonshire Green.

Saturday’s Star gives full details about the problems faced and now it is time for the authorities to take action.

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Traders in Sheffield city centre demand action over street drinkers

Street-drinking, drug-taking, hanging around and causing a nuisance are not doing anything for the city apart from causing hassle for people who are trying to run businesses.

For too long the softly-softly approach has been taken to a group who leach off the goodwill of others and give nothing back.

Soup vans and needle exchanges are all very laudable but they only contribute to the feeling of dependency that some of these people have.

No doubt, behind the drinking and drug-taking are stories of sadness and bad luck. What that doesn’t give you is the right to do though is litter, use the streets as a toilet and be an intimidating presence to others who want to use Devonshire Green for more socially acceptable purposes.

For a start it is time the authorities clamped down on drug-taking – which is illegal don’t forget – and provide the support necessary to businesses who want to encourage people into the area.

Devonshire Green has enjoyed a positive renewal, let’s not let it slip now.