Star Opinion: End of an era for butcher Jeff

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After 56 years butcher Jeff Gaunt will begin a well-deserved retirement today.

The 71-year-old, who took over the family shop in Eckington when he was just 15, has decided to hang up his apron.

JEFF GAUNT RETIRES: Read The Star’s article - CLICK HERE.

Instead of taking it easy Jeff jokes that he’ll now begin a list of jobs from his wife that will take the best part of a year to complete.

The shop on the High Street will be continuing as a butchers but Jeff’s presence will be missed.

There is something reassuring about long-running family businesses. It’s taken as a given that they have survived due to superb customer service and quality of their products.

Jeff laments the loss of so many independent stores in Eckington, which is also true across the rest of our area.

We wish Jeff well in his retirement and hope the business he leaves behind continues to thrive.

On a sadder note we pay tribute to former councillor George Cooper who has passed away aged 98. George served the Walkley ward between 1952 and 1965. He had a hand in the building of the Park Hill flats and, while at Firth Vickers steel works, was part of a team that helped develop the Dambusters’ bouncing bomb with Barnes Wallace.

Both left a lasting-legacy. As did George.