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The snow fall was heavy last week and with no major thaw taking place there are still large parts of the city that have pavements or side-roads that are under compacted ice.

As expected it has affected people.

Hospital bosses in the city say more than 180 patients were treated at the weekend for falls – 40 per cent more than on an average winter weekend.

So, who’s to blame?

Sometimes it is easy to pin responsibility on the council’s door. By common consent the city was moving relatively freely last Thursday morning.

We’re a city that receives sporadic snow fall rather than an almost guaranteed amount each year, so we cope the best we can.


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Also there have been many acts of people-power with neighbours clearing paths and cars being rescued by fellow motorists.

It’s hard to make a case that the council should clear every square inch of our roads and pavements.

By the same token, the public have chipped in too.

Maybe more side roads should receive a visit from the gritters and the worst pavements, particularly in areas with a high number of elderly people, should be treated urgently.

Extra care needs to be taken and, if you can, do try and help your neighbours.

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