Star Opinion: Case calls for investigation

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Today’s front page is a story that The Star has thought long and hard about before publishing in this newspaper.

Claims and counter-claims in a case involving allegations of potential child abuse need to be thoroughly investigated before a responsible publisher decides what course of action to take.

Vigilante film-maker Stinson Hunter posed online as a teenage girl and befriended a 26-year-old city man, who exchanged explicit text messages with the ‘youngster’.

The man asked the 14-year-old he thought he was talking to for sex and arranged to meet her.

This is a disturbing allegation and one which needs investigating.

The Star’s role is to serve its community and there is clearly public interest in the issue of child abuse.

However, it is far too early to make any judgment in this case and while online forums and social media users may have already reached a hasty verdict we understand there is a proper process to be followed, which is the law of the land.

Only a responsible publisher understands this and we trust the appropriate authorities will react appropriately to what is a complex and controversial issue.

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