Star opinion: Bin scheme is a big change

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There’s something very English about having your own bin for your own rubbish. But that could all be about to change in Sheffield.

Shared bin schemes could be introduced in the city as part of a council shake-up aimed at saving £3.4 million from waste services in the next two years.

The proposal is outlined in a new consultation on proposed changes to waste services – which also included new charges for replacement black bins and garden waste containers – launched by the council.

The idea is sure to receive plenty of response from the public who will be desperate to find out how the scheme could work.

In some areas – which may be tight for space – shared bins could be a good idea.

However, there are bound to be downsides with people inevitably using communal bins to dispose of waste incorrectly and the scheme being difficult to police from that point of view.

There’s also the issue of why the way we dispose of our rubbish is always being tinkered with by the authorities?

Council’s would get far more credit if they were seen to be aiding the public rather than making life more complex with ever-changing systems.

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