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It appeared to me that Alan Billings used his wide experience of political meetings to throw a smokescreen over the responsibilities of Rotherham council, Social Services etc about whom he said not a word.

He unfairly blackened the name of the South Yorks Police through repeated irrelevant mentions of Hillsborough and Orgreave that have nothing to do with the removal of Shaun Wright.

Yes,the police have a need to put their house in order, but so have the other equally guilty parties.

When one party’s involvement is exaggerated and another’s swept under the carpet, I ask myself, do I really want a spin doctor in the role of Police Commissioner?

Mike Simpson

Worcester Rd Sheffield S10

I totally agree that the forthcoming PCC Election is a complete and utter waste of public money.

When will the powers that be listen to the electorate and see sense? I have filed my postal vote papers in the shredder and would urge others to seriously think about whether they should take part in this and allow the ‘gravy train’ to take on another passenger.



I am not sure if the position is any better than the old system, but we are stuck with it for the foreseeable future.

In view of all the historic issues around the Hillsborough disaster, Miners’ Strike, Rotherham child abuse scandal etc. I believe that the last person we need in the position is the UKIP candidate Jack Clarkson who is an ex-senior South Yorkshire Police officer and therefore likely to maintain the status quo and not be prepared to dig too deeply into the force’s failings.

The citizens of South Yorkshire should go out and vote next Thursday. If you don’t vote, you deserve what you get.

Roger Bird