Star Letter: We don’t have resources for such large numbers

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According to the letter from Simon Barnett (Star, November 26) it would appear that anyone who voices concern over immigration is accused of ‘racism’ and ‘discrimination’.

Mr Barnett is obviously referring to my comments (Letters, November 7) regarding Patrick Meleady’s opinion on racial intolerance (Star, October 29) and says I launched into “a diatribe of racial vilification and blame”. In a country of supposedly free speech, for which millions gave their lives in two world wars, may I clarify my position.

I don’t see anything the least bit racist in being concerned for the future of one’s country when such vast numbers of people are arriving on our shores, thereby putting an unprecedented burden on housing services, schools and the NHS and one can see that our country simply cannot cope.

In the 1950s and ’60s when West Indians and Pakistanis came to England we could more easily absorb the numbers that came, but the situation is now vastly different. We cannot possibly house all these people, but in various parts of the country unscrupulous landlords are cashing in on renting out sheds in back gardens, or squalid rooms to these new arrivals who are often living in overcrowded and unhygienic conditions which, along with rejecting our way of life, is causing unrest in many communities. Is this what we really want to see in Great Britain?

Many of these people have made it quite clear that they do not wish to integrate into our society or learn our language and prefer to mix only with their own country-folk which doesn’t exactly help race relations. The issue is not about colour, religion, or what country people come from and they should not be subjected to abuse, but the fact is we have not got the resources to accommodate such large numbers.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, S10