Star Letter: Shoppers have voted with their feet over Moor market

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There has been a lot of comment in the media concerning the very considerable drop in numbers visiting or shopping in the new Moor Market, thousands have voted with their feet since the opening.

The millions of pounds spent on this project have in the main benefited those who have been involved in its design and build. This new market building looks more like a “Morrisons” or “Tesco” building than a traditional market and the blame for this is with the planners and architects. No wonder that the numbers of shoppers is falling week upon week. Who wants to patronize a sanitized replacement that looks nothing like a market.

A town or city market by definition is a place of history and tradition and none of this has been given any thought in designing the new one. Instead what Sheffielders have been offered is something with no atmosphere. Go visit the centuries old Cork or Barcelona markets and you will see what a real market building and interior looks like. The old market that is due for demolition holds memories for the many thousands who were happy with it even in its delapidated state. The planners have stated their intention of demolishing the old market building because it is past its best and whose fault is that? The vision they have is that after demolition the space will become a lovely leafy park type area with benches and exposed Sheffield Castle stonework for visitors to gaze at... more likely a place for alcoholics and drug addicts.

What I propose is that once the old Market building is demolished the site is sympathetically designed as an open market, one that will offer the a superb flea market and clothing market. By all means expose the old stonework as an added attraction.

Mr Mark Ociepko