Star Letter: People in glass houses should never throw stones

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I cannot resist the temptation to pick up on the letter from Councillor Harry Harpham in which he responds to a letter from Mr Timber (February 2) on the issue of anti-social behaviour.

Has Coun Harpham forgotten the pledge he made to make anti-social behaviour his priority because it was an issue about which people complained most to him?

He delivered his pledge with such passion during a meeting in 2012 at which I was present that I am now ashamed to admit I was taken in by it. It’s a different tune now, as Coun Harpham seems to suggest the problem is insurmountable.

To fsuggest that it is the fault of “this Tory-led government”, beggars belief.

What did Labour and Lib Dems do that allowed £30m uncollected debts to accumulate over the past six years or so?

Councils are totally irresponsible with taxpayers’ money. They fritter it away and then decide to hike council tax and charges for other services.

With the £30m the council would not have had to close libraries, schools, care homes and essential services to vulnerable groups, not to mention the mass redundancies. Labour is as bad as the Tories.

The people of this city are getting really fed up with cover-ups upon cover-ups.

Let’s hope that lessons have been learned from what is happening at neighbouring Rotherham Council.

Eric Pickles is to be applauded for the stringent measures he is taking to deal with the perpetrators.

Perhaps the council can assure the people of this city that is not next in line for a similar investigation.

What should be remembered is that people in glass houses should never throw stones and it’s always better to sweep up the mess in one’s own backyard before calling on others to clear it up.