Star Letter: Paul Kenny should grow up and show a bit of respect

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I would like to reply to the letter from Paul Kenny in The Star, September 26. Firstly, I enjoy reading Ron Clayton’s letters, and sometimes learn something I didn’t know about Sheffield and often have a smile on my face.

Secondly, as I am quite a few years older than Ron Clayton, I suppose from your remarks, I am one of the ‘old gits’ you mention! For goodness sake, ‘grow up’, and show some respect.

That is one thing which has gone out of the window these days.

In my young days, the teachers, doctors, anyone in authority was shown respect.

As for we ‘old gits’ looking back on our own youth, as a golden age, we were certainly happy and more contented, but it couldn’t be called a golden age being brought up in the Thirties when men were unemployed and wives were struggling to feed a family, in a three-roomed house.

They had no hot water, no washing machine, no radio or TV, no cooker except the fire and a gas ring, and no baths apart from the tin bath, I could go on!

We just made do and did the best we could.

There was no litter, as we had nothing to throw away!

What we ‘old gits’ like to do is to reminisce, as we grew older, in the forties things began to improve and we were working, eight shillings a week for 48 hours, at 14 years of age. But that, after giving mum most of it, was enough to spend a few coppers a week at the pictures.

Then came a time of tears, World War, II which we will never forget, and the Blitz, a weekend of tragedy. So many lost so that those of us can now live in peace.

Yes my early life was an experience, one which Paul Kenny should thinks about and be thankful that he wasn’t around then.

Dorothy Canning