Star Letter: Big Issue seller John was always a big help at Tesco

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I wish to register a complaint about the approach of the new manageress at the Tesco Store, Berkeley Precinct, Eccelsall Road, Sheffield.

For the past six years there has been a big issue seller stationed across from the entrance door to this store. The seller, John, has in all this time been unvaryingly polite and helpful to customers entering and leaving the store. He helps when people have trouble with the trolleys, he holds dogs leads while their owners are in the store, many times he has carried my shopping to the car for me, always with a pleasant word and a smile. He had become rather a local fixture and as he never imposes himself, never intrudes where he isn’t wanted but always unobtrusively lends a hand when needed he became a positive part of the shopping experience. He wasn’t begging. He was working, and as a single parent struggling to bring up his son whilst battling with dreadful health problems I feel his efforts should be recognised and rewarded.

Today is the last day John will be selling at Berkeley Precinct. The new manageress has forbidden him to stand in the vicinity of the shop entrance. He has had to stand some distance away where he no longer has the visibility or footfall to enable him to make any sort of viable living. In order to support his son he is having to give up his pitch, where he has many loyal regulars , and make a new start in town. His life is difficult enough without this.

I see no reason for this blow to him. He never impeded shoppers, always clean, unassuming, polite and in truth an asset to the store.

This Tesco store has in the past proved very convenient, the staff cheerful and helpful, but Today will be my last visit unless I receive an acceptable rationale for this senseless action

Dr L Challands