The Star delivery driver who goes above and beyond to help Sheffield customers

They have delivered The Star to hundreds of readers everyday for a decade.

Wednesday, 15th August 2018, 9:36 am
Updated Wednesday, 15th August 2018, 9:38 am
Steve Furness

But for Shirley and Steve Furness, of Jordanthorpe, the job is so much more than than posting the newspaper through the doors of 350 Sheffield residents.

Steve helps out elderly readers with any jobs that may need going - from emptying bins, opening jars and fetching shopping in bad weather, and has built up such a reputation that their customers are now friends and the round now takes 10 hours.

Shirley said: "Steve knows so many of the customers.

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"They love him and he gets little old ladies who wait for him to arrive - they want a jar opening that they get open or they have a job around the house and they ask him to do it.

"When the weather gets bad and they can't get out he asks them if there is anything they want fetching from the shop or he puts their bins out.

"They can stop and chat with him for half an hour, they come out and talk to him.

"He always says he can't ever ignore them because for some of them he could be the only person they speak to a day."

Shirley used to work full-time alongside her husband, but now only helps out when her shifts allow.

"It used to be both of us doing the deliveries, but it has been mainly Steve for the last couple. I help out when I can," she added.

"Even now the customers ask about me and give him a Christmas present and say 'this is for Shirley, make sure she gets it'.

"They are so lovely."

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