Star columnist: Michael Bell - New help for new businesses

Sheffield entrepreneur Michael Bell has set up city-based business mentoring school The Results Hub
Sheffield entrepreneur Michael Bell has set up city-based business mentoring school The Results Hub
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Starting out on your own can be one of the scariest decisions you can ever make.

Ask any entrepreneur or the thousands that never pluck up the courage to leave paid employment and go it alone in the first place!

I have the benefit of hindsight and experience; after years of enjoying running my own successful business I’ve come to the point when I want to help nurture the next generation of business owners.

You’ll have heard the phrase, ‘knowledge is power’, it couldn’t be more true than for new businesses.

Having the knowledge to ensure you work with the right supplier or negotiate the right outcome for your operation is paramount.

Knowing where to look for the right information could be the difference of a business winning or losing.

This month I’m unveiling a new resource for budding entrepreneurs –

Our website is packed with free information and advice to take your business to the next level.

But there’s only so much you can learn from looking at a computer screen – gaining contacts and networking is as important and my Late, Late, Breakfast event akes place at Sheffield’s Assay Office on Friday, October 3. This time we’re getting a visit from celebrated business coach Glen McCoy.

Glen started advising businesses in 1986 while researching business success and interviewing those who had made a fortune from scratch.

My Results Hub business is based on a model of small to medium-sized businesses ‘plugging in’ to various support packages aimed at growing operations and increasing profitability.

We offer anything from simple mentorship and motivation to administrative and strategic support.

Some of the biggest success stories in a business revolve around one simple change made from the discovery of a ridiculously simple idea. Most businesses are too busy to pick up on idea gems that could make a massive difference. The Results Hub, as the name suggests, has been created to help any business grow quicker, better and more profitably as appropriate.

We can improve your business email: .