Stand up for the citizens of Sheffield

An open letter regarding Sheffield libraries to all Sheffield councillors.
Sheffield librarySheffield library
Sheffield library

Around two years ago, the council took the decision to hand over many libraries in Sheffield to voluntary groups.

In the process, they made librarians with links to the communities they served going back decades redundant.

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This has deprived many vulnerable people of, in many cases, trusted professionals who they felt safe with and in many cases were friends with.

Last week, the council held a debate into the proposed devolution deal for the Sheffield city region.

In light of the high regard that Sheffield’s librarians are held in and the fact that visitor numbers to the volunteer run libraries appear to be falling, I would appeal to all councillors to ensure that ring-fenced funding from central government to reinstate librarians be made a part of any devolution deal agreed.

Now is the chance to stand up for the citizens of Sheffield.

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It’s time to show both central government and Sheffield citizens that the council means business.

No action would show the opposite.

I would welcome any feedback or comments councillors may have on this issue.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

Matthew Smith

Endcliffe Vale Road, Sheffield

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