‘Stand by us’ plea after blaze

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A family is urging people to continue using their firm which ‘went up in smoke’ after being caught up in the massive plastics fire in Sheffield.

The City Wholesale site on Worthing Road, Attercliffe, was destroyed in the huge blaze - which saw plumes of smoke visible across Sheffield from more than 30 miles away.

Firefighters at City Wholesale

Firefighters at City Wholesale

But owners Dennis and Kathleen Wragg have since rented a new premises in the Brooke Building on Shepcote Lane, Tinsley, and hope to start trading again, selling household and garden goods, next week.

Dennis, who at 74 is still a partner in the firm, said: “We started 34 years ago with a market stall and we built it into a very good business that deals with small traders and wholesalers.

“If we can’t get everything up and running soon we’ll lose business.

“Since the fire, we’ve just been in tears and devastated at a business that’s gone up in smoke - the total cost is over half a million pounds in stock and to replace the warehouse.

City Wholesale's Kath , Dennis, Geoff and Samantha Wragg

City Wholesale's Kath , Dennis, Geoff and Samantha Wragg

“At this stage, we hoped the younger generation could take over the business but we are having to help rebuild it instead.

“We are hoping next week to start selling again.

“We’ll have to start virtually from scratch - we’re hoping our customers stand by us.

“Even though we won’t have a third of the variety we had we will build it up again, but it is going to be hard.”

The firm is also looking for any donations of office equipment, pallet racking, flatbed trolleys and a till as they work to transform their new premises.

Kathleen, aged 61, runs the business.

She said: “As long as our customers know where we are we can serve them still. We want to say a big thank you to B&Q and Worldwide Tools for giving us equipment.

“It’s brilliant how people have come through but we do still need more help.”

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue is still investigating the cause of the fire on Sunday July 13.

The blaze started in a refuse dump on Foley Street, off Effingham Street, and spread to recycling charity Sheffield Reclaim Limited.

There, 20 tonnes of plastic fuelled the flames - battled by around 50 firefighters.