Staged street fight video

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I watched your video about the staged street fight in Sheffield which is currently trending on Facebook.

Although this was an interesting experiment, did you ever stop to consider the impact that this may have had on passers by, specifically very young children, or is it more important to sell newspapers?

When I was a toddler, I was unlucky enough to witness a street fight, and I can still to this day, (more than 45 years later), picture what happened clearly in my mind and I remember the feeling of how upset I was at the time and the effect that it had on me.

At 1:09 in this video, when the first fight starts, a young mother is forced to take avoiding action with her two toddlers. How do you think they felt having to witness that scene? I really think that if you are going to carry out this type of journalism, you should stop and think about the innocents that my be affected.

Pete Dobson

by email

Footnote: To be clear; this was in no way orchestrated by The Star. Nor was it filmed by The Star. The article makes the owner and source of this ‘social experiment’ quite clear. We are simply reporting what happened.