'Stagecoach have not responded to public outrage over cuts'

Stagecoach have not responded to public outrage over cuts to the busy 52 bus service running through Broomhill, Crookes and Walkley to Hillsborough.

Friday, 24th August 2018, 6:31 am
Updated Friday, 24th August 2018, 6:35 am
Buses in Sheffield

It will impact people visiting Sheffield Children’s and Weston Park Hospitals, commuters, shoppers, schoolchildren and parents, plus university and college students of all ages and abilities.

Stagecoach don’t have to listen and respond as they, (and First Group), are commercial services.

Publicly run services can deliver the routes and timetables communities actually need, including early morning, late night and in more rural areas.

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A Joseph Rowntree Foundation Report has just highlighted that a lot of low-skilled manual work is now in manufacturing or warehouses on the edge of towns and cities underserved by public transport.

Stagecoach and First will maximise profits by just running full buses at peak times on popular routes, with lower demand services gradually disappearing.

It forces people to use cars, adding to congestion and air pollution, while cutting off those who can’t afford a car.

We need clean, safe, accessible, public transport and safer cycling and walking options so people can choose to leave their cars at home.

This would reduce congestion for all road users while improving dangerous air pollution and road safety.

To achieve this we urgently need to get public transport back under public control with increased investment to improve local bus, rail and tram services.

Bernard Little

Walkley ward Green Party

Every word is true Linda

I have just read the letter in tonight’s Star from Linda Mary Luke regarding our ‘Lord Mayor’ Magid Magid, August 21, letters page.

I would just like to say to Linda, Hear Hear!

A round of applause to you!

Every word in you letter is true!

H Midgley

Sheffield, S11

Comments are spot on

Top marks to Linda Mary Luke for her letter in The Star, August 21, her comments are spot on.

Couldn’t have put the topics better myself.

Whether or not Magid takes any notice is another matter, I personally don’t think he will, he thinks he is the decider on many things that he is not.

It’s time he was put in his place by Sheffield’s councillors but I can’t see that happening either as they are useless anyway.

City of Sanctuary was the worst decision ever taken and the citizens of Sheffield are the ones suffering.

Brenda Titterton


Stabbing question

In her editorial on August 21, Nancy Fielder comments that nobody deserves to be knifed to death “particularly not a bright 21-year-old ”.

Presumably therefore it is not so bad if the person stabbed is middle-aged and a bit dim.

B Greatorex

Sheffield, S8

It’s utterly disgusting

No money for the libraries.

No money for social services.

No money for the homeless.

No money for the police service.

No money for the for the NHS.

But two million can be found for minor Royal Eugenie.Utterly disgusting, I hope she feels embarrassed as to how annoyed people are, but then again with air miles Andy for a father I bet she doesn’t bat an eyelid.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Do as we say, or else, ‘Nazis’

A Muslim couple in Switzerland have been denied citizenship for refusing to abandon their religious beliefs.

They refused to shake hands with people of the opposite sex during their interview, and they also struggled to answer questions by members of the opposite sex.

These Swiss policies are similar to those of the Nazis: “Do as we say, or else.”

Collective unity is impossible unless individual rights are respected.

John C Fowler

Leverton Gardens, S11

Exploiting 1.8m cows

World Plant Milk Day took place on August 22, and this year, more people than ever will be avoiding dairy “products” and reaching for alternatives that are kinder to the environment, human health, and animals.

Research indicates that the number of vegans in Britain has risen by 700 per cent in just the last two years.

Milk production has a significant impact on the environment, accounting for 20 per cent of animal agriculture’s greenhouse-gas emissions and around four per cent of total global emissions. In the UK alone, 1.8 million cows are exploited for their milk.

On dairy farms, cows are forcibly impregnated via artificial insemination, only for their beloved babies to be torn away from them so the milk that nature intended for them can instead be consumed by humans. Both mother cows and their calves are emotionally traumatised by this separation.

Humans are the only species on the planet to drink another animal’s milk and the only one to drink milk beyond weaning age.

Anyone ready to be weaned can opt for one of the many non-dairy milks, made from soya beans, almonds, oats, rice, coconuts, and other plants, that are readily available at virtually every supermarket, health-food store, and corner shop and which offer all the taste but none of the cruelty, (or cholesterol), of cows’ milk.

Jennifer White

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Good use of decaying log

A decaying log provides a habitat for insects, squirrels and hedgehogs, so wherever they fall let them be.

It shows even rotting wood is made good use of by a host of creatures.

EB Warris

Sheffield, S14