Stadium and square should be renamed

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I AM really pleased with the number of people who have got behind the call for a new statue of world- beating Sheffielder Jessica Ennis to be placed in Tudor Square or maybe the renamed Jessica Ennis Square.

Personally, I would like to see both Don Valley Stadium and Tudor Square renamed. One for people who go and train and do sport there. The other for the hundreds of thousands of local people and visitors who visit the city centre each year.

Also, let us remember each year Tudor Square is beamed to millions of people worldwide via TV, for the snooker that is held in The Crucible

Colin Drury’s excellent article in the Star is evidence that statues in this city are not given out on a regular basis and one in the city centre of a new Jessica Ennis Square highlighting our Golden Girl would be very appropriate.

I noticed that Richard Caborn seems to think it would be very much liked by the local pigeon population.

Don’t worry Richard, no more than the statue to the Women of Steel that you support, so if it’s good enough for our brave Women of Steel it is good enough for our Golden Girl too.

Let’s hope that we can see a tribute to the achievement of Jessica not just in the Don Valley, but also right in the heart of the city a renamed Tudor Square with a great and fitting statue of Jessica to top it off.

Paul Scriven, former Leader, Sheffield City Council