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Shame on you Star Letters for continuing to print letters from Brian Daniels, (October 23), who is spouting the same rhetoric time after time and even putting them as “star letter”, this man does not appear to have any qualifications in regard to medicine or or any kind of training, ADHD is not normal behaviour and it is obvious that this person has obviously never spent any length of time with either children or adults who have this condition.

Apart from the issues named by Mr Daniels there are a number of other elements which make up this behaviour, this is a condition that is with them for life but as they grow up they learn to control it, as for drugs modern day drug do not turn them into zombies.

What it does is allow the children to focus and concentrate at school therefore enhancing their education and catch up with their peers which in time should enable them to get a job.

The drugs in question do not stay in the system, but have have worn off by the end of the school day, they don’t have to be given every day e.g not at weekends, school holidays etc.

May I suggest that Mr Daniel get some hands on experience instead of quoting literature.

Mollie Hickman

by email