Spoof Sheffield Wednesday Twitter account fools internet as sarcastic tweet to fan goes viral

The parody Owls ticket office account.
The parody Owls ticket office account.
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A spoof Sheffield Wednesday Twitter account fooled the internet after a sarcastic tweet to a fan went viral.

Owls supporter Lee Brown thought he was contacting Wednesday's official ticket office account on Twitter when he tweeted asking what address his tickets for the play-off semi-final against Huddersfield would be delivered to.

He tweeted: @swfcTICKETS does the online system allow you to chose what card you pay on and what address tickets delivered too??"

Quick as a flash, the parody account gently took the mickey, replying: "Hi Lee, no, we just pick an address at random and send it there, up to you to find it."

The witty riposte has been retweeted nearly 10,000 times - with many supporters believing it to be the club's official account.

User @goodoldmaskell wrote: "Yeah why not take the p*** out of one of your customers."

Another, @Bricrabtree tweeted: "I suppose when you're massive you can treat your fans with utter contempt."

And Sean Downey posted: "Savage from the swfc ticket office."

It is easier to understand why the account fooled so many supporters though.

Wednesday's official Twitter ticket office account is @swfcTICKETS while the fake account is @swfcticket. A post on its profile reads: "The PARODY Sheffield Wednesday Ticket Office account. Answering your ticketing queries with a pinch of salt. Join in using the #swfc hashtag!"

But Lee, who admitted he had "been getting stick all day" had the last laugh.

He later tweeted a picture of his play-off tickets with the message: "Gone viral and got my tickets for Hudds away."