Splits should surpise no-one

That the Con-Dem coalition is falling apart should be a surprise to no-one. The surprise is that it got off the ground in the first place.

The manifestos of the two were such that it was impossible to reconcile diametrically opposed policies based on two distinct political philosophies.

They were clearly opposed on secondary and higher education, immigration, economy, prisons, NHS, defence and in other areas.

On top of those were undiscussed areas where leading Tories were just making it up as they went along.

The Lib Dems were given two lead positions: Nick Clegg as Deputy PM, virtually without portfolio, and Vince Cable as Business Secretary.

All other Lib Dem ministers were in second or third spots. Now that the chickens are coming home to roost Lib Dem MPs and rank and file members are questioning their situation.

Coun Terry Fox

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