Spitting ban is backed by public

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PROPOSALS to ban spitting from the streets of Doncaster were given the thumbs up by 80 per cent of those who responded to a public consultation.

More than 500 responses were received by Doncaster Council in support of the proposed application to the Secretary of State to ban spitting across the borough.

About 58 per cent called for a borough-wide ban on spitting, though only a small percentage of respondents, eight per cent, favoured restricting the by-law to the town centres with only a few more specifically wishing to see parks and public spaces included.

The council report, detailing results of the consultation, is due to go before the Elections and Democratic Services Committee on Monday, who will pass on their recommendations to the full council.

If the plans are approved, the authority must submit a proposal for a by-law to the Government including evidence of where the problem is and how it plans to tackle it.

If approved, the by-law is expected to be enforced using the council’s existing staff who deal with anti-social behaviour.

The original call for the ban was made by Mayor Peter Davies, who said: “I can’t abide spitting.

“It’s a filthy habit, it spreads germs and we need legal powers to tackle it. As part of my commitment to improving the borough’s streets and cracking down on anti-social behaviour, I believe that the introduction of a by-law will send out a strong message that spitting is unacceptable in the streets of Doncaster.”

He added: “It’s also about boosting respect for our environment and for our fellow residents. We all have a right to go about our daily business without having to watch where we are walking or having to look away in disgust at the sight of someone in the act of spitting.”

Committee chairman Kevin Rodgers added: “It is encouraging that over 500 responses were received, but the committee will have to weigh up the evidence in the report and make recommendations on that basis.”