Spinning those jobless figures

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Being long-term unemployed I have been in the clutches of a private company supposed to ‘help’ the likes of myself back into work.

But after 11 of the 12 months, I’ve had to arrange a work placement myself. The result is that I have now been ‘transferred’ from Jobseekers Allowance on to Training Allowance and received a P45.

I am now considered in full-time training and hence no longer counted as unemployed. I assume that when my placement is completed I will be transferred back to JSA, meaning I will no longer be classified as long-term unemployed. This begs the question as to how many more are experiencing this and what effect it has on the claimant count.

Such back-to-work initiatives are nothing more than spin by politicians driven by expediency rather than serious desire to genuinely help the jobless. Meanwhile, some employers get very rich at public expense.

Michael Parker, Deepcar