Spineless idiots

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Those who enjoy cycling to work should do so. But we have enough of everybody telling us they like this or that so we must all do it.

It’s bad enough to see that we must now take out stained glass windows from churches because we may upset people. Tough.

We’ve had enough of spineless idiots who say they represent this country.

F Hardy

How do they know?

i TAKE numerous pills of different colours and shapes. They do a good job. But how do they know which route to take to reach their individual destinations?

Norman Bradbury, Bocking Lane, S8

Bring on electric bus

why do we have diesel engine freeby buses running around the city centre, belching out fumes, when an electric vehicle would serve the route cleaner, quieter and more efficiently.

EB Warris,Raeburn Place, S14

Big Mouth Morrissey

morrisey was a great frontman for the brilliant band The Smiths, always making points about what was going on in society. But at a concert in Argentina he decided to say that Britain has no right to the Falkland Islands.

He has no right to be making these points at a time when tension between our two countries is brewing. As one of his song titles from the ’80s says, Big Mouth Strikes Again. Jayne Grayson

No right to use rail bridge

I WENT to the City Day Commercial College in Nether Edge. The principal, Mr Marshman always sported a natty suit and bow tie. He gave us a lecture every Monday morning on things we could come across in life.

One was about etiquette and how one must never be late or early. He was introducing the first Lady Mayor that morning and left her in the entrance hall until the correct time.

Unfortunately, his watch on this occasion was a minute slow and so he defeated his own object by fetching her in a minute late. We all laughed but, of course, not until we had left the room. We wouldn’t have dared laugh in his presence.

We also had a visit from an important man who had survived the 1937 Quetta earthquake. He came dressed in khaki shorts on a very cold day, even for Sheffield. This was supposed to be his usual dress in Australia but I do hope he didn’t suffer too much from frostbite afterwards.

We were taught to type on blank keyboards and this certainly helps me now with poor eyesight.

Vera Percy, S10