'Spice zombie' filmed lying face-down in Sheffield city centre as shoppers pass by

Spice users in Sheffield
Spice users in Sheffield
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A 'spice zombie' has been filmed lying face-down in the middle of Sheffield city centre as the drug continues to cause problems.

A shocked resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said the man was lying face-down in the middle of Arundel Gate at around 1pm on Monday.

In the video, the man can be seen lying in the middle of the pavement as another man crouches down beside him.

The man appears to poke the 'spice user' as a woman pushing a baby in a pram passes by.

Last month, a business owner on West Street was left furious after spotting a spice user dancing with his jeans around his ankles outside his shop.

The business owner said Sheffield's spice problem has got out of control over the past few years.

Users can regularly be seen 'staggering' down West Street or 'collapsed' outside Sheffield Cathedral.

Earlier this week, a picture of addicts slumped on benches in the city centre with another asleep on the road went viral after being tweeted to Lord Mayor Magid Magid.

Speaking to the Star, Chief Constable Stephen Watson said the former legal high, which was re-criminalised as a class B drug in 2016, was 'blighting' city and town centres across the county.

Police working to clamp down on 'difficult' issue of Spice in Sheffield city centre
He said it had also prompted a lot of concern from the public as it leads to users being left in a zombie-like state. Mr Watson said: "Spice is a really difficult issue and it's one that I, personally, am concerned about.

"I have been out on patrol with officers in the town and city centres and have found myself literally pulling some chap up from the gutter who has been lying on his face.

"When you come across these people, who frankly, have been stupid enough to have consumed Spice, it creates in them this sort of zombie-like state which is very visible and quite distressing for members of the public and also puts the individual at huge risk of vulnerability because they have rendered themselves completely helpless."