Speeding Sheffield drivers will be fined by police with NEW hand-held speed guns

Speeding Sheffield drivers have been warned to expect tickets from police officers armed with new hand held speed guns.

Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 3:53 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 3:57 pm
Police in Sheffield

Officers have been visible across Fox Hill, Parson Cross and Southey Green, catching speeding drivers with their new device.

Police said that within 15 minutes in their positions they had identified a number of drivers breaking the speed limit.

Motorists have now been warned to expect officers in 'speeding hot spots' to control the problem.

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A South Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "You may have recently seen two of our local officers, Ayaz Riaz and Karl Duckles poised at the side of Fox Hill Road having recently received training in the use of the hand held speed gun.

"It is fair to say that the initial results within the first 15 minutes of them being present confirmed the concerns of local residents that this and other areas need our attention.

"If you have drove past them at speed over the last few days then your ticket could be in the post.

"Be aware that the team now have a list of speeding hot spots throughout our community and we will be actively looking to slow the traffic down.

"See you at the side of the road real soon!!!"

Radar and laser guns are used by roadside police officers and are pointed at oncoming cars to give an instant speed reading.

If any car has exceeded the speed limit then they are likely to be pulled over.

If a car is caught speeding, the registered keeper will receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) detailing the offence, and a document called a Section 172 notice.

The police must serve an NIP within 14 days of the alleged speeding offence.

If you're caught police can give you a verbal warning, a fixed penalty notice with a £100 fine and three penalty points.

They can also prosecute for speeding where you could face a £1000 fine, or £2500 if this was on the motorway, between three and six penalty points and a possible disqualification.

Or you could be offered the chance to attend a speed awareness course.