‘Speeding motorist killed our pet cat’ says Sheffield man

Pictured is Tom Hunt and his wife Emily of Hackthorn Road,Woodseats,who have organised a petition calling for a 20mph zone on their street
Pictured is Tom Hunt and his wife Emily of Hackthorn Road,Woodseats,who have organised a petition calling for a 20mph zone on their street
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THE death of a pet cat run over by a speeding driver led a Sheffield man to set up the latest campaign for a 20mph zone in residential streets.

Sheffield Council is currently consulting on which neighbourhoods should have speed limits cut, with each of the city’s seven council community assemblies having received £40,000 to set up the new zones.

There is not enough money to expand the zones to all areas at once.

Tom Hunt, aged 32, of Hackthorn Road, Woodseats, who runs a publishing company, has enlisted the support of neighbours who have gone petitioning for the lower speed limit on their street along with neighbouring Broxholme, Aisthorpe and Nettleham Roads.

Mr Hunt, who lives on the street with his wife, Emily, said: “We have approximately 60 signatures so far, but that is only a small proportion of all the households on these streets. A 20 mph zone would be relatively cheap to implement and bring protection to the many families of children who live here and attend Woodseats Primary School.”

He and neighbours have been collecting signatures by going door-to-door and have held discussions with local councillors.

Mr Hunt said he decided to set up his campaign after his pet tabby, Rascal, was killed last October.

He said: “I had adopted her as a rescue kitten eight years ago, when living in Shropshire, so her death hit us quite hard. She was killed by a driver who was speeding on our roads.

“After she died, I was then looking out of the window and saw a car speeding around the corner where a woman with her pram was crossing the road. She was nearly hit. I thought that something needed to be done. We have quite a lot of speeding drivers and in the immediate houses surrounding us there are eight children of primary school age.

“A 20 mph zone would make a big difference.”

Mr Hunt said he has been ‘disappointed’ about initial discussions held with the council because officials have said they want to concentrate on areas around schools.

Because Woodseats Primary School is on the main A61 Chesterfield Road, it does not count as being close to residential streets, meaning his area is unlikely to be considered for 20 mph zones this year.

However, Mr Hunt plans to continue his campaign and collecting signatures to persuade the authority to take action.

The Star has already received suggestions for 20 mph zones in areas ranging from High Green to Firth Park.

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