Speeding drivers plague street

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A STREET where residents claim motorists speed at up to 50mph is the latest to be nominated by a Star reader for a 20mph zone.

Sheffield Council’s seven community assemblies are each receiving £40,000 to spend on setting up new 20mph zones and are being asked to nominate the streets which could most benefit.

Annabel Worrall, of Windmill Lane, Firth Park, has called for her road to be included.

She said: “There is a bend in the top part of the road, however most car users tend to speed without slowing down, leading to many accidents. Most of Windmill Lane is narrow and it isn’t the best road to be doing 50mph or more on.”

Mick Ibbotson, of Piper Close, Southey, has appealed for his street to receive a 20mph limit. He said: “It’s a quiet residential street, lots of old people and young children live on it - it is narrow and perfect for a 20mph limit.”

Heeley dad Steve Barnard suggested his street Myrtle Road and Argyle Road, where his son goes to school. The suggestions follow a plea by Stan Bradbury, of High Green, for three roads in his suburb to have the lower limit.