Speed is not only road safety factor

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Richard Marsden’s article in The Star (September 7) quoted a statistic from an expert by the name of Mr Green, saying that for every reduction in speed of 1mph, a reduction in accidents was achieved of 6%.

Hence, can one assume that a reduction in speed of 16.66 mph would produce 16.66 X 6 = 100% equals zero accidents.

Speed is not the factor which alone determines the safety of a highway.

Other criteria are width, alignment, footways, trees, road signs, humps, potholes, gradient, visibility, parked vehicles, roadworks, weather and braking efficiency of road surface, not to mention adverse camber.

Education of pedestrians and drivers is the criteria which alone should determine whether or not users of the highway do so in a safe manner, whatever the conditions.

Unless the proposed restrictions can be policed effectively, the reckless driver will still hit the careless pedestrian.

As with so much legislation the superficial sop by the rule-maker adversely affects the amenity of the residential environment for all, with numerous signs and unsightly and expensive road markings for very little benefit.

Punish the culprits and spare the innocents, and remove those chicanes and sleeping policemen.

Ian Laurie