Speed hump removal among ‘priority projects’ to be boosted by Sheffield Council’s £600K underspend

Speed bumps to be removed at Robin Lane Beighton
Speed bumps to be removed at Robin Lane Beighton
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Thousands of pounds ‘not spent’ by Sheffield Council is to be used to fund projects including removing speed humps.

A report to the authority has revealed what £600,0000 saved from last year’s budgets will be spent on next year.

The largest chunk will be allocated as a one-off addition to ward funding pots which can be used to boost local groups while another £100,000 will pay for an anti-litter campaign.

Smaller ‘priority projects’ include spending £30,000 to repair Whirlow Hall farm roof and up to £31,000 to remove speed humps in Beighton.

Residents pressed for the humps – installed in 1997 to stop motorists ‘rat-running’ from the A57 to Crystal Peaks Shopping Mall – to be removed as they cause damage to vehicles.

Work has already started on removing up to 14 humps on Woodhouse Lane and Robin Lane.

Coun Ian Saunders, Labour member for Beighton,said it was about half of the total and a compromise had been reached to retain some for road safety.

He said: “There has been strong feeling locally that people wanted at least some of the humps removing.

“We’ve listened to the people of Beighton, worked hard and now have the funding to do it.”

Another £109,000 of the money is subject to further allocation.

Coun Shaffaq Mohammed, Liberal Democrat member for Ecclesall, said money would have been better used on providing libraries now run by volunteers with longer-term funding.

He said: “We were campaigning to restore removed grit bins last year which would have cost £10,000 and they’ve got £600,000 left.”

But Coun Ben Curran, cabinet member for finance, said ‘prudent management’ had led to the ‘small underspend’.

He said: “It’s not enough to offset the Government’s drastic cuts to council funding, but will be used to support many different projects and should make real differences to communities.”