Speed camera arsonist locked up

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A SPEED camera arsonist from South Yorkshire who was caught after filming the blaze on his own mobile phone has been jailed for 12 months.

Ashley Rowland, aged 23, was asked to target the camera by his lorry driver neighbour Anthony Luty, 28, after his HGV was photographed speeding.

But the friends’ bid to avoid prosecution came unstuck when Rowland set fire to the speed camera after police had already removed the footage.

Luty, jailed for nine months, came up with the plan after his articulated lorry was caught doing 49mph on the A631 at Hemswell Cliff, Lincolnshire, where HGVs are restricted to 40mph.

Lincoln Crown Court heard Luty was filmed at 4.30am on October 17 last year and, realising he had been photographed, asked Rowland to return the next day and set fire to the camera.

Rowland, who lived next door to Luty on North End Drive, Barnburgh, Doncaster, went alone to the scene at around 10pm on October 18 and used a tyre and accelerant to carry out an arson attack.

The pair were caught when police looked at vehicles in the area over the two days and realised Luty and Rowland lived next to each other in Doncaster.

When police seized Rowland’s mobile phone they found a picture of the burning speed camera.

Both men admitted a single charge of arson when they appeared together in the dock.

Robert Sandford, defending, said Rowland, now of Adwick Road, Mexborough, was suffering financial problems when he accepted Luty’s offer.

Chris Tonge, defending Luty, said: “He deeply regrets getting angry when he saw the flash from behind in his mirror.”