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Campaign: Aisha Nageen.
Campaign: Aisha Nageen.
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A SHEFFIELD teenager is working with the National Children’s Bureau charity to challenge the way young people are often portrayed.

Aisha Nageen, aged 16, is a member of an advisory group of young people from Young NCB - the young people’s network of the National Children’s Bureau. It has been working with the BBC to create a film highlighting how young people are often misrepresented.

Aisha said: “The group thought of campaigning against stereotypes associated with young people because it’s a major issue.

“Our film mirrors the stereotypes of young people in society and tries to turn them on their head. We hope that it will make people stop and think.”

Barbara Hearn, deputy chief executive at NCB, said: “Young people are too often assumed to be up to no good, even though the majority of teenagers are respectable, law-abiding citizens who have a lot to offer society. This distorted view has been perpetuated even further by recent coverage of the riots across the country.

“So it’s more important than ever to question these stereotypes and not to generalise.

“Our young members are taking this opportunity to challenge assumptions by making a video with the BBC.

“They saw this as a fantastic chance to push for a shift in thinking about young people. We hope that the film will go viral so they can really spread their message about challenging negative representations.”

n See the film at youtube/JkYmuDhIOZc