‘Speakers’ Corner’ comes to Sheffield - VIDEO

Have your say

SOMETIMES you just need to get something off your chest.

Nothing else will do but the opportunity to bend someone’s ear with a good old rant.

Speakers Corner at Sheffield Town Hall Pedro Fuentes from Heeley

Speakers Corner at Sheffield Town Hall Pedro Fuentes from Heeley

And the people of Sheffield are being given the opportunity to do just that at Sheffield Speaks.

To launch Local Democracy Week the public were invited to take to a small stage outside the Town Hall and talk for 60 seconds.

But one person who wasn’t speaking was council leader Julie Dore who was due to open the event.

“Julie has a sore throat so I’m standing in,” said Coun Leigh Bramall who did the honours in her absence.

“I invite people to come along and speak about whatever they like.

“People will probably be sick to the back teeth of hearing us councillors speaking so come and have a go.

“It doesn’t have to be politics it could football, but in this city that may lead to a few problems.

“Seriously come and speak about whatever you like.”

And people did.

Nick Waterfield, aged 51, a church-based community worker, from Parson Cross, spoke about food banks and tax injustice.

Single mum Suad Ali, 34, from Pitsmoor, spoke about people who pretend to be from Somalia and how they were giving real Somalians a bad name.

Star Editor Jeremy Clifford talked about the importance of free speech and the public’s right to know.

And retired miner Peter Murcott, from Darnall, took the opportunity to moan about just about everything.

“There’s a hole in Darnall car park which is four feet wide and four inch deep,” he said.

“It’s been there since last year but do the council do anything about it? No.

“I complained to them loads of times but they are a waste of space.

“And the car park at the interchange at Meadowhall needs sorting as well.

“It needs remarking so disabled people can park more easily. I’ve told Clive Betts but his office never get back to me.”

People can share their views at Hallam Square on Thursday and Friday this week, from 12.00 - 1.00.

And one person who is considering doing just that is Jan Burrows, 57, who came from Doncaster to listen to the speakers.

“I think it’s a great idea and gives people the opportunity to talk about the things they are passionate about.

“I work for Age Concern and I think I’d like to talk about the issues affecting older people.

“Things like loneliness, isolation and the price of fuel.”