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Migrants and refugeesMigrants and refugees
Migrants and refugees
Well done to BW Jervis, (The Star, June 1), I, and I'm sure many more British people (Sheffielders) will agree with you that enough is enough. We in Sheffield don't want and can't afford any more refugees or immigrants.

Sheffield has become multi-racial with a vengeance. Councillor Jayne Dunn should speak for herself, not the rest of Sheffielders. In World War II, Hitler tried to invade Britain and many of our soldiers died to keep him out and his troops out. It is happening again, we are being invaded by refugees and immigrants. Our government should make sure our people are well looked after.

I was brought up to believe charity begins at home, before we start bringing foreigners here. We will end up like Syria and we will have a Civil War.

Eileen Stennett

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