Spate of break-ins in Sheffield

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Crime:Latest news.
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Police are urging residents to lock their doors at all times after a spate of thefts from unsecured properties around the west of Sheffield this week.

Burglars have taken laptops, bags, vehicles, money and wallets in five break-ins this week

Acting Detective Inspector Tina Wilson said: “We are seeing a steady increase in burglaries where people have left doors insecure allowing easy access to burglars and opportunist thieves.

“We want people to get into the habit of locking doors behind them, even if they’re inside the property, so that valuables are kept safe.”

Burglars took laptops, bags, wallets and money – as well as a Renault Scenic and a moped - from a house on Shenstone Road, Hillsborough, in the early hours of Monday. The vehicles were recovered later in the day and two men have been arrested.

Two laptops were stolen from a house on South View Road, Sharrow, between 2am and 3am on Monday and a student in the Edward Street student accommodation had £2,000 stolen the same day.

Would-be offenders left empty handed from homes on Blair Athol Road, Greystones and Hoole Street, Broomhill, after gaining entry in the early hours of February.