Spam text sales ploy

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‘OUR records indicate you may be entitled to £3,350 for the accident you had. To apply free reply CLAIM to this message. To opt out text STOP’.

Dan Johnson has been receiving this text for months.

He’s tried ringing the number – 07864 350169 – but it doesn’t connect, he hasn’t texted STOP, though.

Dan, aged 31, of Wordsworth Avenue, Parson Cross, said: “I haven’t had an accident or made a claim for anything.”

Spam texts like this one are dealt with by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

A spokesman said it was a ploy to obtain personal details of people who may have been injured in a car crash.

“Put simply, it is a fishing expedition to establish which telephone numbers elicit some form of response and are thus ‘live’.

“Our advice is not to reply to the message.

“Often these messages are sent by a mechanical telephone number generator.

“By responding to the text you may be confirming your number is live and you may then be targeted for further messages.

“Once an individual’s personal details are obtained they are sold on as a ‘lead’ to an injury claims company.

“Lists of such ‘leads’ are a valuable commodity in less professional marketing arenas.”

On Thursday the ICO will receive new powers to fine up to £500,000 for breaching telecoms regulations.

It has taken enforcement action against 19 organisations since October 2005.