Sowing seeds of jobs growth

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HOPE and excitement are building as details are beginning to emerge of what our area can expect from the new Enterprise Zones being established throughout the Sheffield City Region.

And it is already becoming clear that a massive jobs boom is on its way with up to 12,600 new places being created in the wake of the project.

The Government gave the green light for four zones across the country with the Sheffield City Region’s application being successful in the bidding process.

A number of sites are being considered but it is confidently predicted that the Advanced Manufacturing Park, alongside the Parkway which links Sheffield with the M1 is an ideal location for one of the Enterprise Zone centres in our region.

This is a tremendous boost for this adventurous new employment zone which is grabbing new opportunities as they come along and setting new standards in enterprise and business development.

Businesses moving to the zone will be given lucrative inducements to set down new roots and we look forward in the years to come to bring you news of continuing success.

Never give up on smoking quitters

SURVEYS should always be treated with some suspicion because figures lend themselves to interpretation. But a health survey will rightly give much cause for concern.

It says almost a third of people in parts of South Yorkshire are unaware of the link between smoking and cancer.

Read that again.

It seems unbelievable and has, with good cause, shocked health bosses.

Perhaps there has been an element of complacency because the give-up smoking campaign has been around for so long. And in times when cuts need to be made to budgets perhaps this was an area being considered.

But when health bosses consider what needs funding, they should remember this survey and ensure they never give up on the quit smoking message.

Sustain ‘family’

ONE of the success stories in Sheffield’s education circles is that the city’s schools have developed close and lucrative links which lead them to justifiably refer to our ‘family of schools’.

However, the trend towards academies, where heads and governors have closer control over their budgets, is threatening to drive a wedge through the co-operation which encourages more fortunate schools to support and encourage schools in more disadvantaged districts.

So we are pleased that the city council has established a new City Wide Learning Body which will build on the co-operative spirit that has served our schools so well in recent years.

Regardless of the arguments for and against academies, the ‘family of schools’ in Sheffield should be sustained.