South Yorkshire ‘Supercop’ wins award

Neil Beresford
Neil Beresford
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A supercop who cracked more than 250 cases in a year and took machine guns off the streets of South Yorkshire has been honoured with a top award.

Temporary Detective Sergeant Neil Beresford went above and beyond the call of duty to clean Doncaster’s streets of criminality in the last 12 months and ensure dozens of serious offenders are now behind bars.

He smashed criminal gangs, drug dealing rings and brought to justice one offender who had a loaded automatic machine gun.

Temp Det Sgt Beresford was named detective of the year at the annual Doncaster District Police Awards.

Chief Superintendent Richard Tweed praised the hard-working cop and said: “It’s fantastic to celebrate the successes, hard work, bravery and achievements of colleagues, who often work in difficult and challenging situations, and I am extremely proud of all the officers and staff across the district.”

A citation by Doncaster Police’s command team said: “His personal contribution to tackling serious and organised criminality has seen dozens of individuals imprisoned for very considerable jail terms.

“The offences those people committed range from aggravated burglary, blackmail, possession of loaded automatic machine guns and additional ammunition, the supply of heroin, crack cocaine, amphetamine, cannabis, the identification and arrest of criminal gang members organising cannabis factories, the recovery of five kilos of heroin – the list goes on and on. More than 250 serious cases.”