South Yorkshire smashed wall still wrecked a month on

Dangerous: A lorry slips into a garden on Becks Crescent. Photo: Adam Keightley.
Dangerous: A lorry slips into a garden on Becks Crescent. Photo: Adam Keightley.
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a WOMAN has hit out at council workers for failing to repair her garden wall - which they demolished after skidding on black ice on the day freezing rain caused havoc across South Yorkshire.

Claire Nystrom, aged 42, was in bed when she heard a loud crash outside and woke to find a council Transit Tipper truck had smashed through her garden wall and was hanging precariously just inches from her home.

The Tipper came to rest just three inches from the front of her house on Brecks Crescent, Listerdale, Rotherham, after skidding on sheet ice on nearby Gibbing Greaves Road.

A month on, Mrs Nystrom said she is disappointed by the council response to the incident on December 14.

“On the morning it happened there were lots of council workers outside with clipboards, and I assumed they would get in touch with me - but after a month of not hearing anything I got in touch with them and was told to make a claim,” she said.

“The council sent people to the scene, they knew the police were investigating, and they knew what the weather conditions were like that day, so you would have thought they would already have all the information they need.

“With the wall in front of my house the only protection against this kind of thing happening again, it needs to repaired urgently.”

A chain-reaction followed the truck crashing.

The driver and passenger got out and were standing next to it when a second vehicle, a Vauxhall Vivaro van, also slid down Gibbing Greaves Road on ice.

The Tipper driver tried to jump out of the Vivaro’s path but was hit and carried 25-feet down the road towards grass on Brecks Crescent.

A 23-year-old man in a yellow Ford Transit saw the incident unfold, and got out to help the injured man on the ground - but then his van started slipping towards the casualty.

He had to stand in front of the van to stop it injuring the 52-year-old council worker further.