South Yorkshire sex gang victim plans to meet with Home Secretary in fight for new law

Sammy Woodhouse is campaigning for the introduction of Sammy's Law
Sammy Woodhouse is campaigning for the introduction of Sammy's Law
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A woman who was raped by the leader of a notorious South Yorkshire grooming gang wants to meet with the Home Secretary to get royal pardon for sex abuse victims.

Sammy Woodhouse wants to meet with MP Amber Rudd to discuss her campaign for a ‘Sammy’s Law’, to give a pardon for crimes committed by sexual abuse victims while under the control of domineering criminal groomers.

The mother-of-two was just 14 when she was targeted and abused by Arshid Hussian, the leader of a notorious Rotherham sex abuse gang.

During her ordeal she committed many crimes - offences that could have seen her jailed for more than a life sentence.

Her offences, all committed in 2001 when she was 15, included common assault, possessing an offensive weapon and actual bodily harm.

When Sammy, of Rotherham, spoke to police to expose her vile abuser, police threatened her with prison.

Her solicitor managed to convince officers it was not in the public interest to charge her - but that didn’t stop Sammy feeling that, despite being the victim, she was the one in the wromg.

She launched her campaign for Sammy's Law in March and has had a great response from official figures.

Sammy said she is now writing to to the Home Secretary and hopes to meet her in person to discuss her campaign.

She added: "The letter to send to Amber Rudd is ready to go and I have received support letters and backing from Bedfordshire Police chief constable Jon Boutcher and Kathryn Holloway, Police and Crime Commissioner of Bedfordshire Police.

"I've also met and discussed it with the Victims Commissioner of England and Wales as will as Sir Tom Windsor, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary."

Sammy was among 15 victims who gave evidence against Hussain and four others, including his younger brothers Basharat Hussain and Bannaras Hussain, during a trial after which the gang members were jailed for a total of 102 years.

Ringleader Arshid Hussain, of East Cowick, Goole, was jailed for 35 years for grooming, raping and abusing teenage girls in Rotherham.

His brothers Basharat and Bannaras got 25 years and 19 years respectively.

Sammy waived her right to anonymity because she no longer wanted to be under Arshid Hussain’s shadow.